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I think one of the beautiful things about sports is its ubiquitous ability to bring peace and unity among people. Although sports vary from one culture to the next and they may have an entirely different meaning or importance to its people, it is undoubtedly a universal language. There is nothing more empowering than witnessing this firsthand, than putting your own differences aside and sharing your love for sports with others.


I truly believe that sports have the power to change the world, speaking to all of us in a way we understand and giving us hope in times of despair. It did for me; through times of trauma and hardship, I turned to hockey. It gave me an opportunity to better myself, to take pride in my own personal development, to create my own identity and ultimately to find my purpose – to share my love and joy for sport with people all around the world and to give everyone the unparalleled opportunity to play the best way I know how.

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 Sarah Thompson

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